Canada Fast Track Immigration!

Here are the best, easiest,
and fastest methods of Canada Immigration

1. Obviously, if you already have a relative in Canada that is a Canadian citizen and is willing to sponsor you, this would be the best immigration to Canada for you.

See this page about Canada's Family Immigration Program

2.  If you are currently working in Canada and commuting over the US border, you are in very good shape to immigrate permenently.

See this page for Canada's Skilled Worker Immigration Program

3.  If you have been hired by a Canadian company, (you can travel to Canada without a passport for interviews), you have a very real chance of successful immigration to Canada.

See this page about
Canadian Experience Class

Canada Immigration Min-FAQs

Free Immigration Help Canada

Free services for immigrants to Canada include: language assessments and classes, help finding a job, help with daily life such as finding a place to live and filling out forms and applications, information about community services such as mentoring

Family Immigration To Canada Requirements
Your relatives can live, study and work in Canada if they become permanent residents.