Why Move To Canada?

Canada's laws for immigration are less stringent than many other countries, therefore, you have a better chance of qualifying.  In 2015 during the global stock market crunch, which many experts were calling a global recession, Canada did not reduce it's immigration quota.

Canada's immigration policies offer a wide range of qualifying-programs for the employed, self-employed, and businessmen.  The higher your skill level, the easier it will be to qualify, but even those who do not qualify for the standard programs might still get a work permit or other exemption.

Canada offers a great social security benefits program for all immigrants and their families. Canada's health and education organizations are among the best in the world.

Canada's job market is execellent, though it varies from province to province.  Canada's minimum wage, as of October 2015, is $10.50 per hour.  Of course, skilled labor is at a much higher rate and Canada has been known to have the best working conditions of all countries.

Canada is safer!  The rate of gun related deaths is only one-sixth of that of the USA according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. The USA has one of the highest rates among developed countries.

Canada has a very liberal-minded population and government. As an example, same-sex marriage was legalized in the USA in 2015 by the Supreme Court, but Canada legalized same-sex marriage ten years earlier!

Canada has had universal health care since 1969, there is no problem with it and patients have little to no financial burden. Compare that to USA which has one of the most expensive health care systems in the world.

Canada has generous employment-leave, (fifteen to fifty-two weeks, for new moms based on time worked in the previous year. And there is the employee insurance plan that allows 15 weeks of paid leave for moms!

Canada Immigration Min-FAQs

America To Canada Travel Requirements:
To cross the US - Canada border, all that is required is a personal ID card, such as drivers license..

American Immigration To Canada History
"As long as there has been America, there have been Americans moving to Canada. About 100,000 colonists loyal to the king fled the thirteen colonies either during or just after the Revolutionary War."